How Are you Wearing Your Lipstick??

The lipstick choice can be most revealing

it should come as no surprise that the color lipstick a person chooses can reveal a lot about them. While many people make a conscious decision to put on lipstick, often they stick on to the regular shades and textures available.

Are you bored with everyday Lipstick? Want some spiky, drippy and fruity lipsticks? Then make your own lipstick at home.

1. Candy Lipstick

Have you ever used a lipstick out of candy? Then Galaxy lipstick is made out of gummy worms & bears, cotton candy. Lipstick from love hearts & rainbow out of lolipops. To make the lipsticks even more epic here are 3 crazy designs- Galaxy, cotton candy & rainbow. Just click on the video and see how it is made.

2. Drippy Lip

This lip art is one in which lipstick is so liquid and molten, it actually oozes off your lips. For this, you just need is clear lip gloss,pure eyeshadow pigments and a lip brush. Check the video for clear view.

3. Spiky Lip

This spikes and hotpink color is as crazy as the pumps themselves. I'm sure you will enjoy this artsy crazy lip. Just click on the video.

4. Fruit, Crayon & Eyeshadow Lipstick

You can create this lip pallette using products you probably already have in your home like eyeshadows,crayons and even fruits and vegetables.

Choose it wisely as it speak volumes about our personalities.