It's not love, what you feel is called obsession ...
There are girls who do not even use Youtube tutorials as the experts, there are others who simply do not care about that, and then there is an important group that simply declares itself to be a lover of this art ... and if you are one of them, You will feel completely identified with these situations:

1 Buy a lipstick that you already had and you love, but try to convince yourself that they are subtly different

2 Always smear the people you hug when greeting

3 Fall asleep with the makeup on

A sin!

4 But use the same the next day ...

5 Stay more hours than you wanted at a party just so everyone appreciates your makeup

6 Being late to all the events because it takes a lot of time to put on makeup

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7 Judging the makeup of others

8 And imagine how you would have made someone up, all while you are having any other conversation with that person

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9 Panic when you thought you had lost your make-up case

10 Go to a store for a specific product, and spend half of your salary by buying ten

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And of course, do not regret about it ...

11 And keep one of your products even if it is already dry, because it was always your favorite

12 Refusing a kiss, because keeping your perfect lip is more important than love

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Did you feel identified? I bet you laughed out loud. Label your friends makeup lovers to enjoy it too

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