Daughter of the Night! Social media is now behind this Black Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder

Believe it or not, one thing that’s still an “event” is being “dark-skinned” in America. It is an issue that stems from the days of slavery. And so we thought this is a really relevant news to be shared with you. This girl declares that there is no shame in black beauty

Meet this beautiful Melanin Goddess Lolita who is calling herself the Black Hannah Montana. Her skin is just as dark as Khoudia’s skin, but she started trending because her face structure is very similar to a real life Barbie. Social media has referred to her as the “Black Barbie”. She really does look like Barbie huh?

Lolita’s making waves because of her skin, and social media has responded to her really well.

She started posting her photos, which carried off the feet of Internet users in all countries. People immediately started sharing their wild delight in comments, asking to tell her name and wanting to find out at least the smallest details about this incredible lady.

She has incredible almond shaped eyes, pouty lips and shining long hair. But the main highlight of this young woman is the colour of her skin. Her skin is absolutely stunning and atrous. The colour is matte and vibrant.

Her followers says she has a hypnotising beauty.Take a look at her photos and you will know it

Some call her the Melanin Goddess while others call her charcoal beauty.

Whatever names you call her, she is definitley an inspiration to hundreds of girls out there who think they are not beautiful