Top 10 Adorable New Year Eve Hairstyles

A lovely hairstyle that really flatters can make your whole look. That’s why it should be chosen as carefully as your outfit. Here we have the most gorgeous and stylish New Year Eve hairstyles. They are going to brighten your holidays and make them even more remarkable.

Blonde Fishtailed Crown

This pretty, blonde version is skillfully executed and styled to perfection, making it great for a host of holiday activities.

Textured Middle Bun

This chic updo is the perfect amount of holiday festive and romantic. The hair is tousled and shaped into an airy bun with a messy feel. The style is finished with a tendril escaping one side that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Long Bob with Side Braid

This look is more casual than you would expect a party look to be, but it is still incredibly chic. Here, you have a slightly tousled long Bob that is gracefully accentuated with the presence of a delicate side braid.

Neat Off-Center Buns

This look features an off-center bun placed on one side of the head. The hair is textured, tousled and braided loosely before it is placed in buns that are left carelessly elegant way.

Low Twisted Chignon

“Chic”, “elegant” and “pretty” are the best words to describe this lovely holiday updo. Here, you have a chignon that is worn at the nape of the neck while the front is lightly twisted on the side. The rest of the hair is very sleek and polished, which is the perfect style for a festival season.

Teased Updo

The hair is teased and expertly curled to achieve the maximum volume. The teasing, set with a hairspray, creates a strong base that guarantees the updo will hold through the dancing and other festivities of your holiday celebration.

Spiky Pixie

This spiky pixie style is great for round faces and for women who want a different look for the holiday season. To dress this style up a bit, you could also wear a fun hair accessory – a headband or even a necklace!

Side Braid and Wavy Pony

This extremely long wavy pony is worn to the side and combined with a half-braided crown, also placed on the same side.

Curly Bob with Side Braid

The hairstyle in this photo is a nice mix of both. Here, a bob is amped up with thin curls. An unfinished side braid is placed in front along the hairline to keep the look festive.

Thick and Textured Ponytail

This dramatic ponytail is ideal for those who have naturally thick, curly hair or those who long to experiment with extensions. The hair is filled with tons of curls before it is placed into a middle ponytail.