Victoria Beckham launched a new clothing line. The surprise is in whom she targets this time

No one was expecting such a move.

Victoria Beckham is one of the few Spice Girls who has kept up the time by having a clothing line. Always advanced in fashion, you could say that she was born to be a designer. But her collections have never addressed the public of all kinds, but have been exclusive and quite expensive.

A garment or dress costs about a thousand dollars , and is usually sold in stores where everything you look at is just as inaccessible. In addition, it has been constantly being criticized for using inappropriate models.

Her followers of social networks have tried several times to be the thinnest of the girls who walk through their parades in the Fashion Week. And it has not changed much since she started her clothingline. But this time it seems to be different.

The models that appear in its new campaign are XXXL and so are the clothes that they will commercialize.Along with that, she will sell it in a multi-store in England (Target), where her clothing will cost about $ 50 .

It has been said that her collections have not been so successful, and so she tries to reach a more massive audience.

Lets wait and see