Now this is What you call an Absolute Make Over!

This 55-year-old homeless man broke down in tears after the incredible transformation into a hot hipster

Recently, a video, which was filmed back in 2015, appeared in La Salvajeria page in Facebook, who is celebrating their 3rd anniversary, and thus became very popular on the Internet.

55-year-old Jose Antonio, every day trying to earn some money to buy food on the unlicensed car park in the center of Palma de Mallorca, received a tempting offer dramatically change your appearance from the owner of a beauty salon nearby.

He went into the living room with gray hair disheveled and dirty, disgusting beard, which bore the imprint of 25 years on the street - and came out looking like a stylish avid party-goer.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he breathlessly said, "Oh my God, it's incredible, it's me? I'm so different, no one recognizes me, if I do not tell who I really am. "

Now this is how he controls the car parking!