It is the Beauty of those Multi colored Eyes That Makes them More Attractive


Model Sarah MCDaniel

"I never had a friend group or anyone who would stand up for me. I think it was being tall and weird looking and still growing into my features…people didn't like me all around. I just didn't really connect with a lot of the kids.” ~ Sarah McDaniel


Photographer Abdulhamid Kircher

"When my mom was eight months pregnant with me, she saw a homeless man in the train with two different colored eyes. She told me that he was one of the most beautiful men she has ever seen; one eye was green and the other blue. In Turkey, it is said that if you wish really, really hard for a trait that you want your kid to have, that wish will come true. Unfortunately, I was born with two bold blue eyes. But, around the age of 1, my eyes changed colors one day to the next—one blue, one green. I still don't know the reason for my two different colored eyes, but to this day, I still thank that homeless man in the train.” ~ Abdul Kircher via Mass Appeal.


Model Kadri Vahersalu

"[People] thought I was an alien! I was never teased really badly but they'd just make a joke like ‘Uh, you're an alien.’ And I was like ‘Thanks… how did you know?” ~ Kadri Vahersalu



But be aware that recreating the argument over and over again is not going to solve anything. If you cannot resolve it at all, maybe you can agree to put it behind you and move on. If you want to rekindle your love, accept that differences aren’t necessarily bad.


Model Kaine Buffonage

"Everyone says I’m like David Bowie. People pick up on it all the time…I was never truly confident in myself at school. I could never take pictures, I hated the word ‘selfie’ and all of that. So where I am now, it’s completely amazing to me.” ~ Kaine Buffonage, Photo by Brock Elbank.


Actor Dominic Sherwood

On shooting Taylor Swift’s Style video: “It’s pretty obvious in the video that my eyes are different colors, and they actually are. That’s how my eyes are. There was a lot of response about my eyes and people questioning whether it was real or whether it was done for the video. They are real. I can tell everyone right now…People feel they're being ocularly tricked by my eyes. But no, they're actually blue and brown. I'm not trying to trick anyone.”