It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But there are many cases thats not true. For some reasons Beauty is not one's own, but a reflection of one's culture.Not all countries feel the same about beauty as Western cultures do. You may want to look into how different cultures define beauty.

1Tajikistan: unibrow


In many areas of Tajikistan are a common way of beauty unibrow. People here believe that the single eyebrow at the girl talks about her chosen destiny and luck. If the girl is not lucky to be born with eyebrows, it is necessary to correct the omission of nature and connect them by painting stripes on the nose.

2Japan: crooked teeth


While in western countries people tend to straighten their teeth, to become owners of a perfectly even smile in Japan believe that it is crooked teeth add a person of beauty and make it a very nice person.

3South Korea face in the shape of a heart


In South Korea, plastic surgery is the norm, and clinics advertising in appearance correction hung everywhere. One of the finest features of the image of Koreans believe the person in the form of heart. For this they lie on complex operations to change the shape of the chin, during which the bone is broken into three parts, the middle part is removed, and the remaining two plastic surgeons combined together to give a smooth and pointed chin.

4West Africa, Papua New Guinea: scarification


Residents of some African and New Guinea deliberately covered his body with numerous scars. In men, this procedure is performed during the rite of initiation, and in women it is believed that the scar tattoos add beauty to them.

5Iran: surgical bandages on his nose


In Iran, many men and women are literally obsessed with rhinoplasty. Straight nose here not only makes people more beautiful in the eyes of the public, but even gives a certain status. In view of the high cost, not everyone can afford such an operation, so some particularly enterprising residents have come up with a stick on the nose of a surgical bandage, thereby making it look as if they are after rhinoplasty.

6Mauritania: overweight


In this West African country, being overweight is a sign of wealth and status—a fact so important that women will often force-feed their daughters up to 16,000 calories per day, mostly consisting of gallons of whole camel’s milk and butter. Women are also seen as most attractive when they have plump ankles, stretch marks, and have been divorced. To Mauritanian men, a divorced woman means that she is desirable, and therefore a better catch.

7China, Thailand: light skin


In many parts of Asia is considered the standard of beauty white skin. So that cosmetics without lightening effect here in great demand not use, but the people themselves are so concerned about this matter, that even came up with a special face masks, to save his skin from the whitewashed sun spoiling all efforts.

8African tribe Fulani: high forehead


Among the Fulani women in Africa mandatory indication of beauty is a high forehead. Sometimes, in order to increase their attractiveness, they shaved the hair of the head, creating the illusion of a high forehead.

9Burmese Padaung tribe: long neck


Padaung tribe in eastern Burma have special charming "giraffe women". Belle tribe specially worn on the neck brass ring to lengthen and pull it out, because here all believe that the longer the neck, the more beautiful the girl.

10Ethiopian tribe Mursi: elongated lips


Meanwhile, the girls of the tribe Mursi in Ethiopia tend to be too beautiful, so stretch your lips special discs. The more the girl drive, the greater the social status it has, and therefore - the more expensive it will be a ransom for her before the wedding.

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