Somewhere in the second half of the last century, the red, white and blue spinning stripes of the barber pole fell out of fashion. However, over the last decade, in a world that’s overly connected, there has been an interesting trend toward returning to something more authentic— the old school barber shop. And in its place, gentleman barbershops - which have been dubbed as very "hipster" - are on a rapid rise.

The Golden Rule Barber Co -one of those new age snazzy gentleman’s barber shops around town just ticked off the box for serving their most important clientele for this work year: The Argentina’s national football team.

It all happened about three months ago.

On June 12, one of the players, Paulo Dybala, dropped the team a direct message on their Instagram page.

“One of our admin guys read it and decided to pass it off due to the sender’s broken English. We simply thought it was just a message from a kid who is a fan of Debala,” said founder Yanto Aryan Sani, 35. But they thought wrong.

Later that evening, they received an unexpected call at the outlet – the person over the phone asked what time they were coming to give a haircut to the Argentina players. Despite the confusion and disbelief, they somehow still managed to confirm a time and venue.

And at 10.30pm, they ended up at Fullerton Hotel giving haircuts to the team, who were in town early for their friendly match against Singapore. They gave haircuts to Guido Rodriguez, Manuel Lanzini, Joaquin Correa and Leondro Parades, and hung out with stars such as Angel Di Maria and Dybala himself.

Absolutely starstruck, the team of barbers decided to not charge them for their services. And in exchange, they were offered six to seven Argentinian kits, in which one was signed by Di Maria.

""Honestly, we have no idea why they would chose us out of all people, but most of our customers are from the the sports industry, including football players, boxers, and MMA fighters. So it's probably through word of mouth that they got to know about us"said Yanto

And the rest is history! What started as one shop and three barbers in 2014 has expanded to three outlets with 19 barbers and 14 chairs, led by director Yanto Sani and head barber Jiji Rasif At The Golden Rule Barber Co., they consider each haircut "a form of craft" and spend a lot of time focusing on details as it's paramount in getting the best haircut desired by their customers. The barbers here offer a variety of men’s haircuts – not just the traditional ‘gentlemen’s haircut’ – with colouring and washing services available only at the Race Course outlet.

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