Let’s bust the myth that the main motive for visiting a second-hand store is the desire to save money! Today visits to second-hand shops are transformed into the hunt for exclusive, high-quality, branded looks! The proof of this fact is that the world-size stars do not disdain to buy clothes in second-hand stores.
Listed are some of the celebrities who admire second hand goods.

1Julia Roberts

Julia is one of the most avid hunters for second-hand clothes, and paparazzi have repeatedly noticed her with the children in such stores. In 2001 she appeared on the red carpet in the dress bought in a vintage shop!She later admitted that she had been looking for a perfect outfit for the ceremony for quite a while, but the well-known designers could not offer her a decent option, and finally she stumbled upon THAT dress in a second-hand shop (the dress has been ultimately recognized as one of the best that evening!).

2Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith's wife also does not mind cheap shopping. Her passion is unique coats and jackets that cannot be found anywhere else except for such markets.

3Winona Ryder

She loves stylish and affordable clothing and does not hesitate to go to thrift shops to get them. According to Winona, once she wore a $10 second-hand dress to the "Oscar" award ceremony.

4Sharon Stone

The star of "Basic Instinct" is also a fan of vintage shops. She collects cashmere sweaters which she buys exclusively in the markets and in second hand stores.

5R&B singer Miguel

Grammy-winning R&B singer Miguel takes his thrift shopping around the world. When this Los Angeles native is on tour in Europe, one of the first things he does is to scout out the best thrift shops around. He even asks his fans for thrift shop tips. Miguel believes that thrift shop clothes have more character than new clothes.

6Kate Moss

The model openly declares that she enjoys frequenting cozy flea markets in London Camden Market and Portobello Road Market. Basically, Kate hunts for vintage leather jackets and original dresses for the red carpet but sometimes she simply buys nice cheap stuff in such markets.

7Elle Varner

Believe it or not, the Grammy-nominated singer of Only Wanna Give It to You is so confident in her taste that she was willing to wear a $4 thrift shop find in her first music video. Her thrifting is so well-known that Michelle Obama is a fan.

8Zooey Deschanel

Multi-talented artist Zooey Deschanel likes to do quirky parts when she appears in movies. She has a fun quirk in real life, too. She enjoys looking through thrift shops, flea markets and secondhand stores to find undiscovered gems. It’s hard to understand why she spends her time thrift shopping when she can actually buy many expensive things instead.

9Lara Spencer

Good Morning America anchor Lara Spencer’s involvement in the thrift shopping scene goes deeper than finding bargains. She has her own HGTV show called Flea Market Flip. She also has a book on finding used bargains, called I Brake for Yard Sales. Well, perhaps she is a big thrift shop junkie, and so am I.

10Janelle Monáe

Hit R&B and psychedelic soul singer Janelle Monáe has millions to her name. Yet, her favorite store in her hometown of Altanta is a thrift outlet called Poor Little Rich Girl. She loves thrift shopping because she gets to find pieces that are no longer in production today. She gets to be unique.

11Ryan Tedder

One Republic singer and song writer Ryan Tedder doesn’t particularly care about keeping his wardrobe updated. In an interview, he confessed that he’d had half of the shirts in his closet since he was 18. Ryan Tedder is 33 today. Those shirts didn’t come new from a store when he first got them, either. He’s been a thrift shopper since age 13.

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