A status symbol is an object which is meant to signify its owners' high social and economic standing. Although which things act as status symbols changes over time, they are always linked to the primary differences between the upper and lower classes within the society. In capitalist societies, status symbols are most often tied to monetary wealth. Expensive goods like luxury vehicles and large houses are mostly out of reach for lower economic classes, so these items serve as status symbols indicating that their owners are able to afford their extremely high prices. Since much of the utility derived from status symbols comes from their high price, an increased price for a status symbol may actually increase its demand, rather than diminish it.

1A Great Looking Watch

Since a watch is a classic accessory that gives a man an opportunity to convey a sense of style, successful men often own a wardrobe of different watches suited to a variety of occasions. Here, it's all about watches that cost well over $10,000, well over $100,000 in some case. You can go with antique, something that's been passed around in your family for years or you can look at some of the new up and coming brands. There is a lot of options out there.

2Custom Clothing

Despite what some may say about eschewing formal styles of dress, designer suits and bespoke suits still mark a man as impeccably stylish. Leaders of industry have long known that to convey authority, you have to dress the part, which explains why this status symbol retains its popularity. The subtle but unmistakable differences between top-end suits and their off-the-rack counterparts lend their wearers an air of incomparable sophistication.

3Quality Footwear

You will be having some friends who are sneaker heads and they talk about all these different shoea that they spend a lot of money on in certain corcles that's a big deal. It's not necessarily be your cup of tree. Dress shoes side, But one thing is shoes historically have always been something that people look at and they make a quick judgement. You know why? Because they were always something that was very expensive. They were something that only the rich initially could afford shoes could have certain types of shoes or allowed to wear certain types of shoes. So all of tyese send signals that people to this day still look at.

4having strong convictions

This one is very interating from a psychological perspective because overall in the general populace, it can have a dampening effect if you decide let's say to put your religion. You're going to put it out there. For lot of people this is like,well. For those particular people in that particular group all of the sudden much higher level of status becauce he has shown that they are committed that they are really on board that they are not afraid to be who they are. A great example, Tim Tebow. This guy for most people in the united states it's like,okay. Like we know that you're a christian, you tell us all the time, but for christians in particular, his status went up because he's not afraid to put it out there and he's consistently held his convictions.

5A mastery of Etiquette

Etiquette, thee are the rules in aociety that helps separate different levels of class. So, understand it's different from culture to culture and it mat not have had the beat begining, initially it was thereso that old money could separate itself from new money. But, I think a lot of it actually makes pretty good aence and you want to understand these rules especially if you're going to be attending events that have you eating have you having party favors tonknow that little things like knowng, okay, if you received an invotation, it has a dress code, you follow the dress code. If it aays you need to RSVP, you know to RSVP. A lot of these seem common sense, but many people drop thos by the wayside. So make sure that you have an understanding of general etiquette for your culture and all of a sudden your status is going to go up.

6A body by design

To have a body that upgrades your status – you need to understand who you are. If you love running marathons, you want to develop strong calves and trim all your belly fat. If you’re a sumo wrestler or a bodybuilder, your goal is to bulk up and gain weight. If people see you with a body that perfectly matches your way of life – they’ll respect you even more.

7Having Sprezzatura

A man who has sprezzatura is content to keep his own counsel. He not only does not need to have his motives understood, he prefers that they not be understood. His actions, including his carefully chosen words, speak for him. It is not necessary for others—save his intimates—to know more. So maybe you're with a group of friends, you take them to a chinese restaurant that they've never seen before. You enter in tye back way and you start speaking Mandarin. They witness the little “show” you put on – but they’re unaware that it took you 15 years to learn that language.

8The Technology Used

Whether we like it or not – our gadgets have a say in how people see us. The updated OS and features are secondary – we want new stuff for the prestige. It’s consumerist, but that affects our status.


Whether a man is into speed or just wants a luxurious ride, expensive cars are one of the most recognizable status symbols out there. Some men prefer traditional choices like Mercedes or BMWs—tricked out with all available upgrades, of course—while others opt for sportier choices like Ferraris or Lamborghinis.

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