7 Most Bizarre Perfumes That You May Not Know

How do you describe the ineffable enigma of a scent in words? None can explain it , but we all love perfumes; a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents - used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces "a pleasant scent. Whenever we think of a perfume its something that gives us happiness. But Check out these weird fragrances that might disgust, shock or in rare cases may appeal to you.


Burger King Body Spray

In 2008, fast-food chain Burger King launched a meat-scented cologne in the US for under US$4, aptly called "Flame." Not recommended for vegetarians, Flame is being promoted as "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broilled meat." You can purchase it through their website.


Stilton Cheese Perfume

Do you know the "pungent" and fruity aroma of blue cheese? The USA Stilton was born the same way as the performer of the Burger King network. It was born with the purpose of following the alimentary line of the manufacturers of Stilton cheese. The fragrance is so faithful that it is possible to see the bluish veins of the cheese appear even on the packaging. In the end, this is a great idea, after all there are people more stinky than cheese.


Funeral Home

As with the other senses smell also has the power to bring us memories through the odor, whether good or bad, but in the specific case of this perfume the idea is to bring out the odors of a funeral. It is a floral scent, and the flowers chosen to compose this fragrance are only the most used in funerals, such as lilies, chrysanthemums and white roses. Besides being bizarre it becomes morbid


Original Vulva

The perfume makes clear the intention from its logo to its name. But let's make one thing clear, I have nothing against the smell of the vagina, on the contrary.But let's face it, it's not the most suitable odor for a fragrance. The most curious thing is that the proposal is not to make people excited but to get excited. So for the 5x1 fanboy, get the scent to give a splash every time you clobber the clown.


Secretions Magnifiques

If you thought that vagina perfume was bizarre, you are mistaken, it is childish. This is the most controversial perfume on the list, after all nothing more than a mixture of saliva, blood, semen and breast milk. This is definitely a great example of something bizarre made for bizarre people. Now if you were curious to know where the blood, semen, saliva and breast milk came from, do not ask me, I have no idea where the raw material is taken from the product.


Cannabis Perfume

Ok, I bet this item does not surprise you. After all, you just as I should meet a lot of people who like the smell of the herb. So far so good, but what should be just love the plant can become a headache. I keep imagining the perfume user trying to explain his scent to a cop during a blitz. Would the men of the law believe it to be just an innocent fragrance?


Own DNA Fragrance

My DNA Fragrance is a unique fragrance company that creates biologically seductive liquid treasures that caress the secret desires of the mind from DNA blueprints. No two people will smell alike again, so the fragrance is as unique as well. The company has recently started using celebrities' DNA code for a new line of celeb perfumes, including that of Marilyn Monroe and Barack Obama.

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