Things are not what they seem. When Fashion gurus do, its called talent, but when ordinary people like we do, its called a flop! This list has 21 hairstyles that are absolutely weird in the eyes of a common man.

1 One should always look at both the sides

2 Your bear is clinging to the head.

3 An entire Bird Nest on her head

4 Pineapple on the head.

5 The Chameleon Headed

6 The Haunted hairstyle

7 Rainbow Hairstyle

8 The Scorpion Queen?

9 HOH - Heels over Head!

10 What can be his favorite sport?

11 the Spider Man

12 Balloon hair

13 Clouded ......

14 She has enough hair to cover her entire body

15 The illusion

16 This Bob Marley Fan

17 X Machina

18 why need a hat when you have your silky hair?

19 The Zipper

20 Its just an elephant after all

21 Smart Thinking

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