11 Stylish And Trendy Models Of Socks To Sweep The Look

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, it takes a bold individual to throw on a pair of socks covered in arbitrary neon colors and proudly exhibit them in public. People who wear crazy socks are rebellious and expressive. Wacky sock wearers are leading a subtle revolution against uniforms and propriety.

Check out some of the coolest designs:


Romantic and a novelty for the season! The sequined socks, or rather sequin, are super bombing. You can wear it with less showy shoes.


Now the works of art have turned into stockings! And yes, the modern model has everything to do with more urban productions :)


Glitter lurex stockings are popping up in many fast fashion stores. You can wear the model with boots and sneakers to make production fun and funky.


The grunge accessory is back! The midfielder did not only come in the longer model, in the form of pantyhose, but in short and stylish options.


Pasme! The overlap of socks is also among the trends. You can use both short socks that can both appear as one long and one smaller to give a greater contrast


To give a charm in the socks + shoe set, invest in embroidered models! It will give a good glamourizada in the look.


The classic baseball socks also came back together with fashion! You can bet on looks more urban and cool with them.


Legal phrases are now the newest bet in the stamps category, see? Just choose your favorite to sweep the wardrobe


So, eager to play this trend?


Socks with patches are a great option to increase that classic sandal, you know? Just do not forget not to abuse the colors in the rest of the look.


The half-trawler and shorter models like three-eighths are great suggestions to make the look more authentic, with shorts, dresses and skirts go very well!

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