The charm of James Bond turns the heads of many women on the planet, even criminals and spies. The James Bond Girls use their dream plastic as a formidable weapon. Ursula Andress, Michelle Yeoh, Denise Richards, Halle Berry ... they all marked the saga of the greatest and most famous spy of pop culture. Without further ado, hereafter the superb women who incarnated James Bond Girl.

1Ursula Andress (1962)

Ursula Andress played the role of Honey Ryder in James Bond 007 against Dr. No, it was in 1962. His James Bond was Sean Connery. The shooting began when Ursula was only 26 years old. She became very famous after the scene where she came out of the water in white bikini. Also, this film earned him a Golden Globe and a worldwide notoriety. For info, his famous bikini was sold at 41,250 books at auction at Christie's in 2001.

2Daniela Bianchi (1963)

Daniela Bianchi was found in the skin of Tatiana Romanova in Good Kisses of Russia in 1963. She was with Sean Connery. In the film, she worked as an assistant to the encryption in the Consulate of the USSR in Istanbul. The cult scene is where Tatiana and James Bond meet in the hotel room and seduce. This scene is used until now for the castings of James Bond Girl candidates.

3Shirley Eaton (1964)

Shirley Eaton plays Jill Masterson, the golden wife in Goldfinger, the movie was released in 1964. It was with Sean Connery that she proved her talent as an actress. The myth was forged by the cult cult scene of Jill. But that's not all, there is also the portrait of Shirley Eaton and the credits of the beginning. The golden woman in Goldfinger is a myth that lasted 50 years and will last for sure!

4Claudine Auger (1965)

In Operation Thunder in 1965, we saw Claudine Auger holding the character of Dominique Derval alias Domino, the sulphurous, formidable and fragile mistress of Largo. The role of James Bond was held by Sean Connery. It must be known that it is the first French actress in the role of James Bond Girl. But in 1971, she also appears as James Bond Girl in A little sun in the cold water alongside Barbara Bach.

5Mie Hama (1967)

It is in We only die twice in 1967 that we saw the Japanese actress Mie Hama. She played the role of Kissy Suzuki, an agent of Tiger Tanaka who lives in a fishing village. It was doubled in the final version due to an illness that occurred during the shoot. She shared the poster for Agent 007 with Sean Connery. For info, to shine in this role, she went to London for 3 months to learn English.

6Diana Rigg (1969)

The English actress Diana Rigg is the Countess Teresa Di Vicenzo called Tracy in Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969. The character of James Bond was embodied by George Lazenby. Daughter of the Corsican Union chief, Marc-Ange Draco, Tracy was the only woman who managed to marry 007. For the record, the role was destined for Brigitte Bardot, but she was already taken in another film project: Shalako With Sean Connery.

7Jill St. John (1970)

Tiffany Case, the diamond crooked redhead in the movie Diamonds are eternal in 1971 was played by Jill St. John. She was with Sean Connery holding the character of James Bond. During the filming, she did not want to play the nude scene very explicit then, the production appealed to her pulpy lining, and this made Jill raise her anger. However, this film will remain his first and last great role.

8Jane Seymour (1973)

In the movie Living and Letting Die in 1973, Jane Seymour was the character of Solitaire, a woman from a long line of psychics who has the gift of reading the future in tarot cards. This slave of Doctor Kananga, the master of St. Monique Island will completely upset the heart of agent 007. Jane played alongside Roger Moore. This cult film made her an international star.

9Britt Ekland (1974)

The young Swede Britt Ekland is known to have been one of the main characters of the spy movie cult James Bond 007. The beautiful played the character of Miss Mary Goodnight in The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974. She Held the character of a naive spy, but it marked his career forever. It was Roger Moore who had the role of James Bond.

10Barbara Bach (1977)

The Russian spy of the KGB Major Anya Amasova , also known as Triple X was played by Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me , it was in 1977. His James Bond was Roger Moore . To promote this film, she posed for the famous Playboy magazine . The sublime actress with her big blue eyes, ebony hair and crazy charm was 30 when she started shooting this cult movie.

11Lois Chiles (1979)

Lois Chiles slipped into the skin of a NASA astrophysicist Dr. Holly Goodhead in Moonraker in 1979. She was alongside Roger Moore . Holly oversees the construction of Moonraker shuttles by Drax Industries . For information, after this film, Lois Chiles did not receive any shooting proposal, unlike the other James Bond Girls who shone a thousand lights.

12Carole Bouquet (1981)

arole Bouquet is the second James Bond Girl French. In Just For Your Eyes in 1981, the 24-year-old woman held the character of Melina Hevelock , she is the daughter of a British agent. This role allowed him to make himself known to the general public. Today, the beautiful and talented Carole Bouquet is one of the ambassadors of French cinema. The character of James Bond was attributed to Roger Moore .

13Maud Adams (1983)

We could see the exceptional talents of Maud Adams in Octopussy , released in 1983. She played the role ofOctopussy alongside Roger Moore . Sexy and mysterious, Octopussy is at the head of a criminal organization composed entirely of women. Even though at the time she was a very famous model, this role allowed her to become internationally known and opened many doors to her.

14Tanya Roberts (1985)

It is in the 14 nd James Bond, a Kill in 1985 we could see Tanya Roberts , the actress we have seen in Charlie's Angels or That's 70s Show . She had the role of Stacey Sutton , and her James Bond was Roger Moore . A microchip stolen from a Soviet research center jumps from London to Paris before blowing up Silicon Valley, but James Bond is there. This is the last of Roger Moore as James Bond .

15Maryam d'Abo (1987)

In Tuer is not played in 1987, Maryam d'Abo has become Kara Milovy , a naive and vulnerable cellist from the Bratislava Conservatory, unlike the other James Bond Girls . His James Bond was Timothy Dalton . Her big blue eyes, her blonde and beautiful plastic has only hoisted her to the top. For information, Maryam is a true enthusiast of the films James Bond , and at 11 years, she decides to become an actress.

16Carey Lowell (1989)

Carey Lowell joined the most dynamic battalion of James Bond Girls as Pam Bouvier in the 1988 film, Permis de kuer . She played alongside Timothy Dalton . In this film, Carey played the character of a former CIA pilot who works with Félix Leiter and the DEA . Since Permit to Kill , it has been reviewed in many successful feature films and several commercials.

17Izabella Scorupco (1995)


In the GoldenEye film in 1995, Polish actress Izabella Scorupco played the role of Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova , a level 2 programmer at the Severnaya Space Weapons Control Center. His James Bond was Pierce Brosnan . Although the film won international recognition, the actress did not really benefit. After refusing the roles in The Mask of Zorro or LA Condifential , she played in films with wild success.

18Michelle Yeoh (1997)

The character of Chinese secret agent Wai Lin in Tomorrow never dies in 1997 was played by Michelle Yeoh , a martial art expert and former Miss Malaysia. Certainly, she had all the qualities required to play a James Bond Girl : beautiful, sexy, aggressive, dangerous, sporty .... In this film, she had as a partner the actor Pierce Brosnan . Quickly, Michelle gained Hollywood star status.

19Denise Richards (1999)

Dr. Christmas Jones was played by actress Denise Richards in the movie Le Monde was not enough in 1999, she was then 28 years old. She was with Pierce Brosnan and was a nuclear chemist who foiled the Soviet Union's plans for attack. Denise Richards did not really break through in Hollywood, because from 2000 onwards she had only minor roles.

20Halle Berry (2002)

It was Halle Berry who was in the skin of Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson in Die another day in 2002. His James Bond was Pierce Brosnan . It is his dream plastic that earned him this cult role and which allowed him to be a real sex symbol. She made a sensation in her very sexy orange swimsuit. His character is conceived as a female alter-ego to the British secret agent.

21Eva Green (2006)

Eva Green who is none other than the daughter of Marlene Jobert is chosen to enter the character of Vesper Lynd , the femme fatale in Casino Royale in 2006. She had like James Bond the actor Daniel Craig . It is in this film that this actor has for the first time donned the costume of James Bond 007 . Also, Eva Green is the sixth French to be a James Bond Girl .

22Olga Kurylenko (2008)

Ukrainian-born Ukrainian actress and model Olga Kurylenko is also a James Bond Girl with the lead female role in Quatum of Solace in 2008. She played the character of Camille Montes , the daughter of a murdered Bolivian general who wants Avenge his family. This is the only James Bond Girl who had no relationship with 007 and found death at the end of the film. This role promptly puts Olga on the international stage.

23Bérénice Marhole (2012)

It was the French actress Berenice Marhole who held the character of Sévérine in Skyfall in 2012. The role of James Bond was attributed to Daniel Craig . In the film, the two met in a casino in Macau. To succeed in this role, Berenice had to learn how to handle firearms. In the credits, it appeared under the name of Bérénice Lim Marhole . After this film, her career took a turning point, she chained successes.

24Léa Seydoux (2015)

In the film Specter in 2015, Lea Seydoux was found in the skin of Madeleine Swann , a psychologist doctor, but also the daughter of Mr. White , a senior Specter and Quantum . She was with the actor Daniel Craig . This emblematic role opens many doors to him based entirely on his youth and beauty. For her, the conquest of the international public begins after this cult film.

25Monica Belluci (2015)

The James Bond Girl in Specter in 2015 was Monica Belluci , the famous Italian actress and model. This actress had the role Lucia Sciarra . His James Bond was none other than Daniel Craig . Lucia is the widow of Marco Sciarra , a high-ranking Specter agent , she met Bond at the time of her husband's funeral. Note that Monica Belluci was the oldest James Bond Girl of the franchise.

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