Welcome to the city of love….Lights, Camera, Action! Here are some of your favorite films that were made in the heart of Paris. These movies have changed viewers perspective to look at this monument. While, for some it's a famous tourist place, for others it is symbol of love.

1Before Sunset(2004)


Two strangers,the Frenchwoman Celine and the American Jesse who met by chance nine years ago in Vienna, cross paths again for a single day, this time in Paris, to find out what might have been and learn if they belong together.
They have only a few hours in the French capital. Paris has a frank conversation.
Celine and Jesse realize that they are connected by something more than a passing encounter of people who are hardly familiar. They see each other as a person who fully understands you. It's easy to communicate with such a person and you will never see a wall of misunderstanding in him. And how important it is in life. With such frank conversations of the audience awaits and an amazing movie tour around Paris.

2Amélie (2001)


Also featuring magical realism, Amélie follows the life of the introverted title character as she seeks to bring happiness to, and exact justice in, the human lives she observes. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the film brought the wonderful Audrey Tautou to the attention of audiences all over the world, and remains one of the most successful French films ever made.
Set around Montmartre, the film exudes a Parisian atmosphere as it travels between grocers’ shops, cafés, and bridges, accompanied by Yann Tiersen’s enigmatic soundtrack. Particularly memorable is a scene in which blue-painted arrows lead Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz) up the numerous steps to the Sacra-Coeur Basilica. The views of Montmartre from this vantage point, not to mention of the Sacré-Cœur itself, are breathtaking.



Another musical, this time set exclusively in turn-of-the-century Paris, Gigi is based upon the 1944 novella by French author Colette. The story follows Gigi (Leslie Caron) as her aunt and grandmother educate her in the art of becoming a courtesan. The young girl laments her home-city’s obsession with love (as mentioned in the endearingly disgruntled musical number, “The Parisians”) while taking solace in her friendship with Gaston (Louis Jourdan), a charming but easily bored member of high society. The film was directed by Vincente Minnelli and shot mostly on location. It won nine Oscars and a Golden Globe. One of the most opulent of its sets, Maxim’s, to which Gaston takes his romantic conquests, is still famed for its Art Nouveau interiors and Belle Époque ethos.

4Midnight in Paris


The characteristic style of Woody Allen is evident throughout Midnight in Paris, which he wrote and directed, as the camera lingers on still shots of the city in the rain, illuminated at night, and bustling by day. The film was awarded an Oscar for Best Writing, appropriate for a film that visits the literary Golden Age of Paris in the 1920s. In the film, Gil (Owen Wilson) sits upon the steps of the Saint-Étienne du Mont at midnight and is transported into the past. The costumes, sets, and soundtrack are similarly effective in transporting viewers into a different age, though the nocturnal silence of present-day Paris seems just as enchanting as the glamorous gatherings of its early 20th-century incarnation.

5Everyone Says I Love You (1996)


This musical romance, directed by and starring Woody Allen, is a cinematic postcard exhibiting the most eye-catching locations in New York, Venice, and Paris. Spending Christmas in Paris, members of an upper-class American family, whose shifting relationships form the basis of the film, obligingly walk past many of the city’s most famous attractions, including the Notre Dame and Les Deux Magots. In what is arguably the film’s most famous scene, the divorced Joe (Woody Allen) and Steffi (Goldie Hawn) dance together beside the Seine. Views of the Notre Dame reflect on the water as, in a brief episode of magical realism, Steffi begins to fly, and dances upon the air.

6Paris, je t’aime (2006)


A collection of 18 five-minute short films, Paris Je t’aime is a collaboration of over 20 writers and directors, united with the common aim of depicting a Paris with which viewers can fall in love. It spans the genres from horror to comedy and features the work of such directors as the Coen brothers, Walter Salles, and Wes Craven. Each short portrays characters experiencing the pain, excitement, and revelations of love’s many forms. Unavoidable in any tableau of Paris, the Eiffel Tower forms the main backdrop for the ninth short, in which a lonely mime artist follows and caricatures various tourists before being pursued by the police. It is an amusing and unexpected treatment of France’s most recognisable landmark, and forms just one memorable moment in a series of surprising and beautifully filmed pieces.

7The Dreamers(2003)


What a Parisian love story without eroticism? With this necessary component of a film about love, hardly anyone could have done better than the legendary Italian. The film's story mostly takes place within a metropolitan apartment, with stunning views of the mysterious Paris.
This apartment is becoming a haven for love triangle, because the windows start-known student unrest in 1968. The main female character was entrusted debutante Eva Green, adding to a list of favorite girls subsequently legendary Bond.



The work of the famous French film director as it falls out of its spectacular kinonaslediya. He created something extraordinary for yourself. The tape in the genre of film noir arthouse perhaps not caused much enthusiasm among the faithful fans of his work, but it certainly has not gone unnoticed among experts.
Mostly sad and instructive story makes the viewer think about the many problems of life and values, thus causing certain emotions. It is worth noting that the charming leggy angel and twenty-eight loser Andre could only meet in Paris on the mysterious bridge of Alexander III.



This melodrama was sure to come. Tape has collected an impressive ensemble cast of French stars. It is a kind of almanac of different stories, gathered together for one purpose - to show the "dark corners" of the fashion and "polished" in Paris, sees it a multi-million army of tourists.
Heroes tape - ordinary inhabitants of the metropolis, which was held in Paris every day - work, learn, dream, fall in love. They have to deal with a bunch of problems, why they, along with a sense of love for the handsome city, comes occasionally "ferocious" hatred of Paris.

10Moulin Rouge(2001)


This tape was the incredible cocktail, which was a place burlesque, the current pop culture and even some romance of Indian cinema.
Although the whole filming process took place in the scenery of the pavilion studio, musical dipped viewers in the incredible atmosphere of the classic "city of lovers" what was and remains Paris. From Hollywood stars inspired game (Kidman, McGregor and others) and from the contemplation of the Sacré-Coeur, the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge of the viewer just "mind-blowing".

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