Sci-fi's on a world we earthlings have no idea about...It’s a genre many of us at cluebees love, so let’s break down a few of the other Life beyond Earth movies that are worth checking out.


This deeply thoughtful, profoundly compassionate sci-fi movie beautifully mixes realism with a sense of wonder


The Martian hits a powerful sweet spot: blending tense action, captivating science, and beautiful 3D cinematography into an emotional character story.


As visually and conceptually audacious as anything Nolan has yet done, the director's ninth feature also proves more emotionally accessible than his coolly cerebral thrillers and Batman movies.


Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity," about astronauts coping with disaster, is a huge and technically dazzling film. But for all its stunning exteriors, it's mainly about what happens to the body and mind after catastrophe, and the moment when people decide to keep going or give up.

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5Star wars Episode IV – A New Hope

George Lucas’ minor miracle remains the best film in the franchise. A New Hope is such a deceptively simple story using archetypes that had already been around for ages, but the sensitivity, detail, and imagination with which Lucas brought this thing to life made it a landmark piece of filmmaking.


James Cameron chooses to play God and creates a whole new world with such exquisite finesse, aesthete and eye for detail, he almost takes your breath away.

7Guardian of Galaxy Vol 1

The charming performances, strange characters (don't miss Del Toro as The Collector), spaceships and the 70s soundtrack (a highlight by itself) make this one a heck of an intergalactic romp.

8Mission to Mars

There is scene after scene in this movie that pulls the viewer's heart and mind nto some of the deepest veins of human emotion. More than once I felt myself drawn into the middle of intense depictions of love, terror or excitement. If a little subtlety were mixed into just a few scenes this movie would have stood out as one of the greatest and lasting human dramas in science fiction history.


This sci-fi creature feature doesn't really do anything we haven't seen before, but its execution -- including smooth camerawork and tense editing and music -- makes it reasonably gripping.

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10Independence Day

The film has a lot of heart. It makes you feel good after watching it. And although that quality does not make it a great film, it certainly makes it a good film in my book. The film is vastly entertaining, very suspenseful, a delight for the eyes with dazzling special effects, and even has some dialogue that does just rise above its hackneyed origins.

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