Top 6 Funniest Ads in 2016 That Makes Your Belly Laugh

A bit of humour is always needed for your customers to be more receptive. The key to funny advertising is assuring the humor is appropriate to both product and customer. Here are the funniest ads that made us laugh in 2016.

1. Apple Music, 'Taylor vs. Treadmill

'Taylor vs. Treadmill' Song by Drake & Future. Pop artist Taylor Swift hates cardio, so she opens a running playlist on Apple Music called "#GYMFLOW" for some motivation. She chooses "Jumpman" by Drake & Future and starts rapping along as she runs on the treadmill.

2. Hyundai first date

The ad shows off a feature of the car that allows an owner to track its location.

3. Audi Duel

The latest commercial from Audi USA features two valet parkers engaging in a backwards-slowmotion-fight in an attempt to secure the key to a fancy Audi that rolls up

4. Kenzo,'My Mutant Brain'.

Spike Jonze returned to adland in wonderfully weird style with this four-minute perfume ad, featuring Margaret Qualley spasming to the beat of her mutant brain, and shooting laserbeams out of her fingers.

5. Old Spice, 'Rocket Car'

In this ad an aspiring engineer constructs a rocket car and tests out his invention in the middle of the desert.

6. Sandy Hook Promise, 'Evan'

The ad titled “Evan,” engrosses viewers over a 2-minute-and-28-second love story with a chilling twist.