Hawkeye isn't in any of the two trailers for "Avengers: Infinity War," out April 27.And to make matters even worse, he isn't even on the poster, even though there appears to be plenty of room for him:

This unleashed a number of delightful tweets, several poking fun at Hawkeye's history of being sidelined. But you know who isn't laughing? Renner's weirdly passionate fan base. (Yes, it exists.)

In addition to expressing their fiery rage on Tumblr, Hawkeye fans created a Change.org petition on Sunday calling for him to appear in future promotional materials for Infinity War, which comes out April 27.

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The post features Renner as Hawkeye on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Sadly, this a fan made magazine cover.

Renner himself isn’t entirely oblivious to this mystery either. Days before the latest trailer was unveiled, the actor shared a fan-made poster that replaced every character on the poster with Hawkeye.


Despite what the movie's promotion suggests, Hawkeye is actually in "Infinity War," according to directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who have said that Hawkeye will be on a solo journey. Or, he could also just be dead and they don't want to spoil that.



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Here is the Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer


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