Nobody ever talks about the dark side of this industry. Over the years, there have been many female porn stars who've ended their lives at a very young age. In addition to instances of cyberbullying, several tragic deaths of porn stars recently have been put down to overdoses as the women involved in the industry have clearly struggled to cope.

PORN star Olivia Lua has died aged 23 — the fifth adult actress to pass away in just three months.

The 23-year-old star of Sneaky Sex and Hostel XXX died in a Los Angeles rehabilitation centre over the weekend, after consuming a "cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol", according to a statement from her agency.

She is now the fifth XXX star to die with Yuri Luv, 31, August Ames, 23, and Shyla Stylzez, 35, all passing away recently.

Olivia Nova, 20, was also found dead in her apartment after a UTI infection turned into deadly sepsis.

In December, Ames killed herself after she was trolled on social media for refusing to film a sex scene.

The sudden spate in actress deaths has raised question marks over the safety net offered to performers.

From jumping buildings to shooting themselves, here are a few more adult movie stars who ended their lives.

1 Megan Leigh

She was a pornstar in the 90s, who ran away from home at the age of 14. She was just 26 when she shot herself in the head. An autopsy also showed an overdose of Valium in Leigh's body.

2 Savannah

She was one of the top adult film actresses of her time. In the year 1994, when she was only 23, Savannah met with an accident and broke her nose. Upset over the accident, she shot herself in the head.

3 Pauline Chan

She was a part of a lot of negative news between 1998 and 2001. In 2002 she jumped off from the 24th-floor apartment and killed herself after battling from major depression. She was only 29 when she died.

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4 Anastasia Blue

28 year old, Anastasia ended her life after she overdosed on Tylenol in the year 2008.

5 Saya Misaki

Saya was a Japanese adult film actress who began her career when she was 19. She was 21 when she hung herself at her home in the year 2007.

6 Alicia Tyler

Right when she was midst giving her career a fresh start after giving birth to her daughter, Alicia was found dead at her mother's place supposedly because of a drug over dose in the year 2013.

7 Dana Plato

After the show ended, Dana didn't get much work as she expected. Desperate times called for desperate measure, and she chose to enter the porn industry to pay off her financial debts.But things didn't go as planned. In the year 1999, Dana committed suicide by overdosing herself with a painkiller called Lortab.

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