Well, when it come to ads its better to know that creativity is a must here, not only visually, its a complex combination between the way its finalized, and how it spreads the message, the idea of the ad plays a very important role here, its a matter of knowledge also. Ads are the luxurious letter to the public. and of course its where creative advertising creatives are sorted!! Check out these selected ads from around the world

1 This is what a public phone looks like in hand sanitizer ads.

© sanzer

2 Superglue will help them reunite.


3 Scandals won’t bother you with these noise-canceling headphones.

© jbl.com

4 Coffee and Wi-Fi: the perfect cafe combination.

© brucciani

5 It must be the best condom ad.

© durex

6 These bottles are so thick the smell of food from the fridge will never reach your water.

© exito.com

7 The juiciest fruit chewing gum.

© getvivanow.com

8 A journey starts with a key turn.

© Volkswagen

9 Your dog will always try to annoy you if their food tastes bad.

© rademar

10 These sneakers will free your inner athlete.

© ikea.com

11 Make the company name from these letters. It’s quite simple.

© mcdonalds.com

12 McDonald’s says all their food is natural.

© band-aid.com

13 This Band-Aid will fit even Hulk.

© adsoftheworld.com

14 Digestion pills will help avoid unpleasant meetings in your stomach.

© adsoftheworld.com

15 The bread is so soft it would make great slippers.

© delifrance.com

16 Hangovers are dangerous. You’d better take a pill before a kitty is hurt.

© alkaseltzer.com

17 Men have their own reasons to use anti-wrinkle remedies.

© nivea

18 Start doing yoga before your spine rebels against you.

© adsoftheworld.com

19 Communication is better with M&M’s.

© mms.com

20 Batteries that last an unbelievably long time.

© interstatebatteries.com

21 Kiwi seeds are never a bother if you’ve got dental floss.

© colgate

22 This is what soap looks like if you use the right hair removal cream.

© veet

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