You will not Find Gravity in 5'nizza's Latest Album Airplane

5'nizza, by Andrey Zaporozhets and Sergey Babkin. The band's music has a combination of influences: reggae, Latin, rock and hip hop, which is performed in a minimalistic folk style limited to vocals, beatboxing, and acoustic guitar.

The duo started working together as early as in 1998. 5'nizza's demo album, Unplugged, was bootlegged and spread all over the C.I.S. countries in 2002. The demo was well received by fans as well as online critics. Some even say that, in 2002, Unplugged was the top seller in Russia.

Their official debut album, Pyatnitsa, was produced in 2003 and consisted mostly of songs from Unplugged.
The band broke up in 2007, after releasing their two albums
In March 2015 Serhii Babkin and Andrii Zaporozhets announced their reunion and in April the song "I Believe In You" was released, followed by "Vperyod" and "Ale".

And now they are back with another phenomenal release. "Airplane" - single from the new album 5'nizza, which soon swept the entire fans. the video has gained 9 million views within a few hours.

In the video, the musicians act out the scenes of various domestic incidents.

Whole day Andrey Zaporozhets and Sergey Babkin hung in the air for the sake of the video "Airplane"

The creators of the clip say that the filming process was similar to playing with dolls.

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