This Hijabi song is a Powerful Message that It's high time the World change its view towards a Muslim.

It's getting viral like never before.

honestly, its challenging to be a Muslim anywhere nowadays, it has been more difficult to be both a Muslim and an American post-9/11.

The problem is that terrorism has become synonymous with Muslim. Muslim Americans feel as if they are in the unenviable position of choosing between celebrating their faith and mourning their country - not able to do both.

For other Americans, it is important to remember that the majority of Muslims in this country are U.S. citizens who share many of the same values that define America. And, from a practical standpoint, Muslim Americans play a key role in identifying to law enforcement disenchanted Muslims who could pose a risk.

Anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. has been surging over the past few years, with 257 hate crimes in 2015 and another rise after the election, and Muslim women in particular are targeted for wearing hijabs.

Mona Haydar, A Syrian American Woman raps her feminist views and her decision to wear her Hijab. And trust me, the words are so powerful that they'll certainly make you think for a while.

Haydar talks about the common questions she is asked by people about her hijab. "What that hair look like, don't that make you sweat? Don't that feel too tight?" are the ones she raps about.

She also started an initiative called ask a muslim along with her husband. They wanted to interact with people and let them know that they are as harmless as them.

Having said that here we have one more bold movce to show you and that is a hiphop dance. The factor that makes this hiphop a unique one is its costumes, Yes, They are performing a hiphop in burkhas.

Take a look! Amirah Sackett and her female Muslim dance group, We're Muslim Don't Panic, spread their hip-hop all over the country to address misconceptions about Muslim women.

Great Job ladies...#respect!