Maybe Dwayne Johnson was not a very good father in the movie "Training Dad", but at the end of the plot he learned valuable lessons ... and although it is fiction, I am sure that something was in the knowledge of the actor, since today More than ever he showed all his tenderness and concern.

We are somewhat accustomed to seeing that facet ... his song in Moana, who does not find adorable ? I love it!

Through his Instagram account, he wrote a poignant message to Jasmine, his one-year-old daughter. In the text he tells us the plans he has for her and her future.

The only thing that worried some was his desire that the at age eight Jasmine would drive his truck. (It could be a kind of internal joke, right? Because we know the serious accidents that can happen with small children in cars at that age .)

But in addition to that dubious phrase (which surely has an explanation because "Rock" has proved to be very responsible), it was all applause.We have some bonus videos of their cute and adorable bonding

The beautiful picture of the two of them sitting together crowned the letter.

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