Taylor Swift's Latest Luxurious Purchase Adds Her Name in the History Books

We will remember it to eternity. Our children, our children's children, and our children's children's children will hear the name of Taylor Swift.

No, its not because her songs are extra ordinary, It's all because of her recent luxury purchase.

Now you might be thinking whats so special about a purchase? Anyone can do it. Most likely not ... since it was a very extravagant acquisition.

Taylor has just owned a mansion in Beverly Hills . The Travel + Leisure site described it as follows: 11,000 square feet , located behind the Beverly Hills Hotel and cost $ 25 million!

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The construction is so impressive with four luxurious bedrooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a library, a letter room, a large patio and several terraces - that the Los Angeles authorities officially decided to name it "Historic City Spot."

You may have another question in your mind: almost all the mansions of celebrities are like this! Yes, it is true ... but this has not been altered since the 1930s .

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and the key factor is its legacy. It belonged to the heirs of Hollywood Samuel Goldwyn, one of the men who founded the Goldwyn Pictures, which later became MGM - which had such important persoonalities like Frank Capra , Clark Gable , Marlene Dietrich ... And even Charlie Chaplin !

Still if you have more questions, all you need is this

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