Bruce Lee - He is the only star of unfrequented stunts that most people desired to be like him, some tried to fight like him and some wants to have style like him.

But this guy, named Alizada Abbas (Abbas Alizada) is a 21 year old from Afghanistan who has spent his life training to become the next Bruce Lee. He emulates his face, hair, body, and most importantly his kung fu skills.

Abbas was 14 when he first saw a Bruce Lee movie and was instantly hooked.
The martial arts on display are exuberant, jaw-dropping, and delightful– what you may not expect is the soulfulness that comes attached to Alizada’s drive.

With more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and 40,000 likes on Facebook, Alizada has become quite a celebrity in Afghanistan, known locally as "Bruce Hazara". Also there are plenty of photos of him juxtaposed next to his idol. And for many of them you’ll need to take a second glance.,

Now abbas aims for hollywood stardom.

Abbas Alizada’s remarkable journey shows that against a war torn background, he defeats the odds to follow a dream—no matter how curious a dream it may seem to us.

Before you go, take a look at some of his videos:

Documentary on Afghan Bruce Lee by High Horse Studios

Skoda ad featuring Abbas Alizada

Abbas with Chinese army

Hopefully his next stop will be Hollywood.