7 Hilarious Job Interview Scenes That'll Make You Cry and Laugh at the Same Time

The job interviews often turn out to be scary and nerve hacking for many of the candidates. At the same time they can be funny and stress relieving for the interviewers. Today we have listed here some of the most memorable job interview scenes from the movies.This is not in any way how we recommend job seekers to behave in interviews. Just sit back and relax as you watch this.

1. Fun with Dick and Jane

In this scene, Jim Carrey’s character, Dick Harper, has wrongfully taken a lot of the blame for his past company’s collapse. In this scene, we see the challenges of an unbalanced labor market. Later in the film, jobless Dick Harper turns to crime.

2. The Internship

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson break out into a cold sweat as they are trying to talk their way into an internship at Google.

3. Step Brothers

In this hilarious scene Will Ferrell’s character, Brennan Huff attends a series of interviews in which he wears a tuxedo, gets the interviewer’s name wrong, brings his brother along, asks how much the interviewer makes, and much much mor

4. Good Will Hunting

A level of confidence is good when interviewing for a job, however there is a line that be crossed and Chuckie Sullivan (Ben Affleck) in Good Will Hunting certainly does that! Despite being offered the job already, he then goes on to demand cash on the spot as a ‘retainer.’ Some how he manages to completely take charge of the room and walks out with the money he asked for. The panel of interviewers were lost for words!

5. The Wedding Singer

A classic example of going for a job interview and trying to wing it when you have zero experience. Adam Sandler pulls it off well with his refrigerator jar story, but let’s face it – he was always destined to be a rock-star. Ok, a wedding singer, but you get the gist.

6. The Pursuit Of Happyness

In this scene Will Smith’s character, Chris Gardner, shows up to an interview in street clothes, sweaty, and covered in paint. Instead of moving the interview or trying to explain away his appearance, he shakes each interviewer’s hand, tells the truth, and proves how much he wants the job.

7. Mrs Doubtfire

The scene where Robin Williams meets with the social worker in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ just had to make the list. Word to the wise doing an impression of a hotdog probably won’t win you too many brownie points in an interview. Unless you’re coming for an interview at Social Talent, in which case we encourage impressions.

We know you are still laughing...

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