Dance is everywhere. It is in the movement of a falling drop, in the sound of the night, and in the rhythm of every step you take forward. Now Instagram is filled with dancers and dance enthusiasts sharing their unique perspectives and photos of this beautiful, challenging art form. Make sure you follow these incredible and inspiring people on Instagram. These dancers do what they like and dance their passions. here are a few of the very best.

1 Jade Chynoweth (jadebug98)

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2 Hamilton Evans (mrhamiltonevans)

3 Greg Chapkis (chapkisdance)

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4 Sean Lew(seanlew)

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5 Will “Willdabeast” Adams(willdabeast__)

6 Janelle Ginestra (janelleginestra)

7 Alexander Chung (alexander.chung)

8 Darrion Gallegos (darrion_g )

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9RJ "Rockadile" Puno rockadeezy

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10 rubberlegz

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