If they could, why not us?


At the end of the day , celebrities are just like all of us. Under tons of money, paparazzi and glamorous events they also suffer and cry like any human who is in love, because we've all been through these relationships that make us live and we do not want to let go.


Because even if we fight to death with someone, and we do not want to see them anymore, sometimes we know that they are right for us. And so even if we breakup, we always end up coming back to them.


Clearly there are times when going and returning with someone is not healthy, not even if it happens. But at other times, letting a simple fight end up with something that could be perfect, is a really beautiful thing.

And these 10 celebrities had it more than clear, so they did not allow a simple fight to separate them.

1 Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade


They were together from 2009 to April 2013, but did not last long apart. In September 2014 they were not only together again, but were already married.

2 Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp


After being separated for three years,both resumed their relationship.

3 Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green


They split up last summer, but not only did they get back together but announced they were expecting their third child.

4 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne


During the time when the Osbourne had a reality television, Sharon confessed that she is no more in a relationship with Ozzy by the supposed infidelities of him. Although the separation did not last long, they returned to be together and they have been married for more than 30 years.

5 Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus


This story we all know, both were committed in 2013 and then separated. And a few months ago they were together again, more in love than ever and with the same rumors of marriage as before.

6 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton


They were married in 1964 and were happy for over 10 years, then divorced. Then they tried to resume their relationship a year later, but that only lasted 12 months and they finished again.

7 Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo


The singer and Victoria Secret's model broke their relationship, but in 2014 they decided to give it a try and today they are the proud parents of a little baby.

8 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


They separated in 2011 after having been together for four years , but they also did not last long apart, because in August of that year they resumed their relationship and announced their commitment.

9 Pink and Carey Hart


They were separated some time during 2008, but then they fixed their problems and were reunited with their children.

10 Prince William and Kate Middleton


The royal family is not exempt from breakdowns, as well as any other relationship, William and Kate had a couple of problems .
Their real-life fairytale romance has been tested several times; they even broke up in 2007. But despite this, their love proved to be bigger than their challenges and they’re now happily married with two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. see, even celebrities have problems of love.

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