Here are some Facts You Should Know About Yakutsk, The Coldest City In The World

It looks like most Russian cities. It's full of blue, white and yellow buildings, crowded streets, big signs advertising everything everywhere, and lot's of people. It doesn't appear that different until winter.

In winter, even Lenin is frozen!


The winters are long and the weather is brutal.

Where -45℃ is 'Pretty Warm'

Mostly populated by Yakuts, a Turkic ethnic group speaking a Siberian branch of the Turkic languages

In some parts roads are virtually non-existent.


Formerly used as a place of exile for political prisoners during Stalin

It takes two or three days to dig graves in the frozen ground.


Even boiling water will take precisely 60 seconds to freeze here

Nothing grows here so residents typically consume Frozen fish and some animal meat.

Most toilets in the town are long drops out on the street due to the difficulty of digging plumbing through the permanently frozen soil

Heating is provided by a coal-fired water heating plant.

It's an amazing and puzzling world that makes the rest of us wonder, why on Earth would one ever go there?
During summers, the city wakes up from the long winter hibernation and transform into the place of festivals and celebrations.