Say Yes to Positive Sex. Here is What it Actually Means

The term "positive sex" that comes from the English term "sex positive" takes time to turn around.But sex positivity isn’t just another buzzword to look up on Urban Dictionary. It’s a framework that counselors, medical professionals and universities are using to educate and talk with young people about issues relating to sexuality and sexual health.

But what exactly does this term refer to? It has to do with having a positive attitude towards sex that allows you to take charge of your sexuality and enjoy it with responsibility and without guilt. At the same time, it has to do with not judging the preferences or sexual activities of others, even if they do not seem right to you.

For Carl Olsen, coordinator of the Center for Defense of Gender and Women, being positive about sex has more to do with a philosophy of life. Here's what he told USA Today :

“Most of our programming lands in the area of consent and prevention,” Olsen told USA TODAY College. “Most of the students here have had zero sex ed or abstinence-only [sex education], and that can lead to uncomfortable situations talking about sex. … We are just absolutely cool with however many sexual partners you have had, however many times you’ve had sex or if you’ve had zero sex at all — as long as it is all done consensually.”

Overall, Olsen says sex positivity is about establishing healthy relationships.

Many people believe that having this positive attitude towards sex means that you spend having sex with other people when the truth is that everyone can be, even those who have not yet had their first experience. More than a taste for sex, this term has to do with having a positive relationship with our body and our desires, and that may mean abstaining from having sex, having a single sexual partner or having multiple but take precautions to avoid infecting us or Get pregnant unexpectedly.

In the end, all benefit from being positive about sex: men, women and all other genres equally.

Please don't judge people for expressing their thoughts on sex