The world wide web which has become the hub of storing and restoring information, considered to be the safest vault, is a mere toy in the hands of a few computer geniuses. In this article, we bring you the top 9 young hackers that we think are hacking legends of all time.

1Kristoffer von Hassel

Kristoffer von Hassel is the world's youngest known hacker and notable for being the youngest "security researcher" listed on Microsoft's Security Techcenter as having exposed a security vulnerability. At the age of 5, Hassel exposed security lapses in the Microsoft Live Xbox system, prompting wide media coverage, with some journalists highlighting the dropping age of hackers and their technology mastery.

2ryan cleary and Jack Davis

The duo targeted sites including the NHS, News International, Sony, Nintendo, Arizona State Police, and film studio 20th Century Fox, among others. They took down the online presence of a series of organisations using so-called distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, where websites are flooded with traffic until they crash.

3Wang Zhengyang

Wang Zhengyang promised not to use his talent for evil and I believe it all has to do with proper orientation. The Chinese teenager became one of the trending topics recently after attending China Internet Security Conference in Beijing as the country’s youngest hacker.
The then 13-year-old boy who hacked into school computer system to get answers for his homework, is currently working with Tsinghua University in Beijing, and has developed a public profile in China.‎ Speaking at the conference, the junior student said: ‘You have to attack the websites first to find its weaknesses.’ ‘It is interesting to look for website security risks and I am overwhelmed with joy when I find one. But I will not use my talent for something illegal.’


“CyFi” is a soft-spoken 18-year-old who is an avid skier and sailor and likes ripped jeans. CyFi first gained prominence in the tech press at age 10 when she hacked a kids’ game on her iPad. That year, PC Magazine called her “a Girl Scout by day and a hacker by night.” With the encouragement of her mother (who also works in the cybersecurity industry), CyFi took her talents to the vaunted DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas, where she cofounded what’s now known as r00tz Asylum, a hub for ethical hacking workshops for kids.

5D J Stolen

Its really interesting, how the teenager, who called himself DJ Stolen, earned more than 15,000 euros (£13,260) by breaking copyright laws and hacking personal information from a number of singers.
The hacker used phishing emails and Trojan horse software to steal unpublished songs and then offer them for sale on the internet. Anti-piracy teams in the UK and Germany noticed a growing number of pre-release tracks being leaked much earlier than normal. Tracks were stolen from Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis, Ke$ha and Mariah Carey in 2009 and 2010.
The teenager, referred to in court as 'Deniz A' because of his age, was also found guilty of downloading explicit private photos from bombshell artist Kesha and blackmailed her to give him an audio endorsement that he could use to promote his image among hackers

6uk poison

In June of 2011, Junaid Hussain, at the time only 17 years old and known as TriCk, got his first big prize as a hacker. Along with his group of hacktivists called Team Poison (or TeaMp0isoN), he hacked into the email account of a staffer of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and posted personal information of Blair, as well as other government employees online.

7CoD Hacker

A teenage computer geek has been arrested for hacking into a best-selling online game to boost his own score. The 17-year-old is accused of bringing Call Of Duty crashing down after launching a cyber attack from his bedroom. The alleged hacker prevented thousands of fans logging on in a bid to rack up the winning score by preventing anyone better than him killing his character.
The disruption to the service left thousands of gamers unable to take part in Call Of Duty: Black Ops for several hours as IT experts battled to get it back up and running.

8Betsy Davies

As part of a new Wi-Fi safety public awareness campaign, Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider conducted an ethical hacking experiment in January 2015, highlighting just how effortlessly hackers can access phones and laptops connected to a free public Wi-Fi network and hack email accounts, steal login details, access online bank accounts and track a user’s movements. Betsy Davies, a 7-year-old school girl from South London, was asked to hack into a computer using a laptop at an open Wi-Fi hotspot. Davies watched an online video tutorial, set up a Rogue Access Point, eavesdropped on a volunteer’s Internet traffic, and hacked into the Wi-Fi hotspot in just 10 minutes and 54 seconds.
This 9-year-old third grader from India is an ethical hacker, app developer, cyber security expert, and, founder and CEO of Texas-based Prudent Games, a firm that designs and develops educational apps and games to teach math, science and cyber security.

9Aaron Bond

Bond, who was among hand-picked delegates at the Apple conference of 2011,was permanently expelled from King Edward VI College in Totnes, after getting caught accessing confidential information on the school's computer system. The information included the financial records of the school's vice principal, and Bond also went ahead and edited the school's newsletter, and made changes to its IT room booking system.

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