This Self- driving Super Car is Likely to Shake Up the Automobile Industry

FF 91 is the first version of Faraday Future's largest and most expensive car, a company that only launched in 2014.

According to Vice president Sampson, Faraday chose this alphanumeric code because it avoids the need to find real words that convey the same meaning across multiple languages.

The "9" indicates a top-of-the-line model, analogous to the Genesis G90 or Volvo S90. The "1" indicates the first model in this market segment

Besides the name, the vehicle itself is quite impressive.
"FF 91 represents a bold new breed of electric mobility that combines supercar performance, precise handling, the comfort of an ultra-luxury passenger vehicle, and a unique collection of intelligent internet features,"

"Riding in FF 91, users will feel more rested and energised, even after being stuck in traffic for hours," said Faraday Future.

While Tesla's takes 2.5 seconds it goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.39 seconds

The FF 91's charging speed is also high, offering the ability to charge at more than 500 miles per hour. It claims to go up from 50 per cent to fully charged in 4.5 hours faster than any other car currently on the market

Faraday plans to bring the FF91 to market in 2018