7 Fitness Mistakes That You Must Stop Doing

To build an awesome body and take your fitness to the next level, you must avoid certain practices. Here are some of the fitness mistakes that you may have been making all this while that are keeping you from achieving your body goals.


Mirror Muscle

First biggest mistake that guys makes is they're not working their body. This is something that is very common amongst young dudes who first start their work called Mirror muscles. Mere muscles are the muscle that you see when you look in the mirror chest, shoulders, arms tricep you gotta work on a total package


Not Sticking With a Program Long Enough

Second mistake that guys making is that they're not sticking witha program long enough to see if it's actually working guys get impatient super frustrated that you try something for a week and you say like this isn't working it. I'm going to try something else and it doesn't work for a weekend like I'm trying this and that. It wasn't all your friends and all you're all over the freeking place. Take a deep breathe and understand this you need to see if it's working and then you can adjust and modify there are three variable that you can really focus on and change in order to sort of get yourself over plateaus and dumps they are cardio your diet and strength -traning the problem.



Overtraining is extremely misunderstood.


Not Taking Enough Protein

Your muscles are tearing them down when you're working out you need the amino acids found in protein in order to rebuild them bigger stronger and all that good stuff. Now, the question is how much protein does a guy need to take? answer for this is you needabout one gram pound of lean body mass.


Sabotaging Their weight Loss & Fat Reduction goals

Some people are scared to do fasted cardio in the morning. What muscle fibre , muscle tissue is not some precious little snowflake that banishes like a fart in the wind. If you don't eat every 3 hours cardio on a empty stomach is the best way to burn body fast period. Here is a deal you going to make sure you're doing it in your target zone you like what the hall's target zone to help you calculate heart rate zone right now.


Work Out Too Fast

If you’re new to the gym or rarely exercise, always start slow. “Do something little every day


Relying Heavily On mechine

There is something to be sad for both free weight and machines. But if you are exclusively working out like hammer strength machines or their machines like the plate loaded and all that you're totally missing out on the beauty and the ability for free waits to work all the little stabilizing muscle. When you do bicep curl it's not just your bicep when you're using a dumpbell. If your abs have to contract. When you're locked into a machine you're only really working that specific muscle the night thing that you're doing that is screwing your fitness pooch is your diet that workout fitness in the gym bench doing.

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