He will not Leave the Sport aside and have an important announcement to make.

He lost his leg in the heartbreaking plane crash of Chapecoense. But he is not ready to give up.

"We have been given a second chance." That is what Jackson Follmann, the former goalkeeper of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense thinks. He is one of the three survivors of the air accident that claimed the life of almost all his team members and three months after the accident,he is making an important announcement.

"I will always be an athlete. I will always be the goalkeeper of Chapecoense. That's why I think about Paralympic Games. I think positive, my body is having a good answer. "

Although he was the most affected of the survivors, and had to amputate his leg, the player does not lower his head. For him it was a miracle to survive and he does not intend to leave his sport aside ... that's why he wants to become a Paralympic athlete.

He gave these statements three days after starting to walk a little without his crutches, so with his desire and progress, we know he will achieve what he wants.