Some people in Africa, Asia or southern Europe traditionally carry large and heavy luggage not in the hands, as we used to do, but on the head. They are so comfortable, they are less tired, as a result of which they can overcome a considerable distance with the cargo.

A photographer from France, Florian de Lassee, traveling the world, was always surprised when she was visited by women or men using the head to carry things. A special impression of the Frenchwoman was made by her trip to Africa in 2012, when she wondered how much everything could be carried out in this way.

As a result, Florian decided to visit countries where the custom of carrying objects on her head is especially common. She traveled 15 regions of different countries - from East Africa to South America. The woman photographer simply approached the locals and learned from them how many things they could transfer at a time. The answer was overwhelming. However, look at yourself, because the result of that trip was a grandiose series of photos, the reality of which is difficult to even believe.

1 Brazil

2 Japan

3 Tribe Gale, Ethiopia

4 Aru, Ethiopia

5 Indonesia

6 Bolivia

7 Nepal

8 Rwanda

9 India

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