This is the Real Reason Why We close Our Eyes While Kissing

We close our eyes automatically when we almost place a kiss. We do it without being too hard to think about it right ?   but why ?
Turns out that here is a specific reason, and it's not because kissing with your eyes open looks a bit creepy.

Psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy have investigated this. They asked a small group of test subjects to perform various tasks. While they were doing their job, a small vibration was being sent to their hands. They came to the conclusion that the vibrations were hardly noticeable with a difficult task. This is because their eyes were harder here to work, and their brains were focusing on it.

The same principle applies when we kiss someone. When you kiss with your eyes open, you are distracted by all other senses. So our brains have difficulty focusing our eyes as yet experienced other stimulations themselves.

The next time you Kiss, You'll note this for sure!