Some find it a burden, while others... It's always November for them...

Facial hairs were the pride of manhood, the sign that they are no longer boys but tough and brave men. Today’s manly men would rather show off their pecks than their beards, going for the smooth shaven look or the ragged look of the 5 o'clock beard, but rarely do they grow a full beard unless it's november, and it's said to be for a noble cause.

But, here we have a few men who love their facial hair more than anything, the experiment and play on their beards and moustaches. Check it out

A humble dedication to the stars..wait or an octopus??

Ideal for the Boss of Beards

That's a big boat of moustache!

He seems to be a spaghetti lover

Reminds me of a classic riffle

Can you picturise a hanging monkey over there? no, right beneath his nose

You see a beard can be handy sometimes

Even your superhero addiction will never go unnoticed

Now that's what I call a real tusker

You don't really have to wear a collar tie in this case

When you actually wants to be a spider man

Into the Wild?

This style can guard you cheeks from unexpected hits

When you can't resist the rolls..

Feel like playing with your beard?