Seeing These Old Couples Together makes us Believe that True Love Still Exist

All you wonderful people out there, who are eagerly waiting for that Exclusive day for Love,here is a short note by Chris Moore; "Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were, and who they will be.” So for this V-day, Let love be your relationship goal ; to be that 100-year-old couple – still married, still going strong! And in order to provide you some inspiration, we are bringing this article to you

Those wrinkles cannot keep a selfie from being beautiful

A laughter a Day keeps the doctor away

A couple that dance together stays together

A funny ride with your S.O

Taking care of each other is part of their daily routine now

Those kisses are out of pure Love

This is how you make the years count

Beauty is no more superficial

They don't really give a f**k to anything

Those joint effort to bring back their childhood

Whether it be this

Or this...

Or this...

Is always the cutest thing to watch

These walks gives you a look back on the life

You fight, but you cannot keep it for long

With that S.O , no difficulty is actually a difficulty

They are each other's support and strength

They believe the best is yet to come.

A pilgrimage together means a lot in terms of your love that

Even death can't seperate you

Happy Valentines Day... May your relationship last longer that your teeth !