Erika Eiffel, known to her friends as Naisho is one among 40 people in the world who call themselves as 'objectum sexuals'. - People who keep a loving relationship with objects.

Naisho is married to the Eiffel Tower. She has a passion for inanimate objects, and her mission is to fight the stigma surrounding the disorder and create a global network of sufferers – like Amy, in love with a church organ, and Eija Riita, who married the Berlin Wall.

Erika is one of the few public objectum sexuals—people with a love orientation toward objects—and, in addition to holding a commitment ceremony with the 186-year-old French iron tower, has fallen for fighter jets, fencing, and is currently in a relationship with a crane.

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She also runs the support website Object Sexuality Internationale.

Learn more about Erika from the video:

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