It Looks Like The Nature's Law of Pregnancy is Renewed; Men Are Now Getting Pregnant!

Shocked? Maintain it for a few more seconds while you go through some of these pictures

adverts for Bergedorfer

Just think about it guys, shirtless men holding their bellies with a motherly, tenderly glance......! oh no!

adverts for Bergedorfer more suspense, It is said that a women starts to grow maternal emotions when she is conceiving. Inspired by this undocumented law,a german ad company has portrayed a congruence among baby bump and a beer belly bump.

Jung von Matt/Alster owns the credit for this out of the box concept for Bergedorfer beer, showing men posing with their beer bellies, Demi Moore style, as though they're pregnant. Hats off to this highly imaginative portrayal.

adverts for Bergedorfer

The beer, imaginatively named Belly Button Beer, is made by the 7 Cent micro-brewery in Melbourne with a tagline that says "Brewed with love".

adverts for Bergedorfer

These men have a more elegant motherly (not sure if the term can be used here) face than this high profile photoshoot

The only dissapointment is that there is no video form for this advertisement :(