Are You Someone Who is Inclined Towards More Travelling Than Just Travelling? Then This One is for You

Travelogues are always the most suitable form for representing a place or a culture or a tradition to a nation wide audience. They serve as a substitute to actual travel that could be experienced by those without the financial means to tour around the globe.

The Arctic is the most extraordinary region on the planet and it is not surprising that it is called mysterious and enigmatic, because it is an area that holds many different wonders.

It is a truly special area; a unique region unlike any other inhabited region. There are a number of poles in the Arctic and there are no days and nights in the usual sense - in the region the polar day lasts six months, as does the polar night.

This vlog by Ben Brown is nothing less than an Arctic visual ecstasy!

This athlete turned adventurer has truly outdone any ordinary visual travelogues.

This video is peaceful, enriching and full of life!

Amazing and Addictive!