All of us know, what it means to be a month end

A true Story....
Without any introduction, lets get straight into the topic.

You will borrow from every single person with all the dramatic skills residing within you

That single thought will give you a lump in the throat

Every minute. Every hour. Moves at a snail’s pace…

You keep on checking the phone for a salary credited sms

And you silently cry in a similar manner

And then one fine smile spreads on your face!

Yeah,,, that's one hell of a happiness

As soon as you get the salary

In the blink of an eye

At odd hours, you dream that Every employees dream

By the time payday actually rolls around, you swear that you’ll budget your money properly this month…

You remember all those treats that you promised your friends..

But then you make that bold move;Treat yourself....

Finally, when all your salary ends, the cycle starts again.....

That helpless gaze, at your favorite dish with an empty pocket...

This is what happens During a Month End