A day in the life of an Employee

Awkward Office Moments That You've Probably Experienced

An office is certainly not the place with the word 'fun' tagged along. But people sometimes goof up the professionalism that a workplace demands. Here are some awkward things that can happen in an office. Read along and pray that you don't have to face it anytime soon.

1. When you say something and no-one replies.

You thought it was really funny. No-one else did. Now you have to hide behind your computer screen feeling guilty and ashamed and make sure that the next thing you come out with is world-class stand-up levels of hilarious.

2. The Awkward Lift With the CEO

It’s a challenge every man must face. The moment your walk to the lift coincides precisely with your company boss or He gets in between a great joke. There's room for that pin drop silence.

3. The Bathroom Handover

You're a man. You're at work for over 40 hours a week. You need to use the bathroom in a variety of ways, just like everyone else. Of course, the time you use the unisex loos for anything extra, the law of office life determines that someone will be waiting outside to enter the aftermath, as you sheepishly hold the door open for them. “Thanks” they'll say. But they won't be thanking you in a moment. Probably a girl. Probably attractive. You'll never be able to look her in the eye again.

4. Someone overhearing you

Whether it’s a phone call on the way home, or having lunch with your office bestie, there’s a good chance that one day you'll complain about your job without getting a safe distance away from the office first. Obviously as soon as that happens your boss will appear as if from no-where and hear it all.

5. The Meeting Silence

There’s a moment that can happen in a large, important meeting, about 15 minutes in, when you realise you haven't spoken a word yet to anyone. Sure, you've nodded, even murmured agreement about something, but you've never had the floor and all the eye contact and thoughtful note-taking can’t change that. What follows is a series of desperate internal judgement calls about how to interject seamlessly with anything vaguely relevant. “Now!”

6. Not knowing who’s birthday it is

Happy Birthday dear Mmmm-Mmmm, you sing shamefacedly. Can you still have a slice of cake if you don’t know her name? Probably.

7. When you are drunk at morning

Something like ‘haha, *hiccup* I'll buy the next round if you give me a raise… hahaha.. that was a joke… sir.’

8. Faking professionalism

Pretending you are 100% professional and committed to your work in front of a new joinee

9. Can I Join you moment

That I-hate-you-just-like-that person comes and asks you, "Can I join you for the lunch" and all you can say is a yes

And you hate these personalities...... for their attitude!

10. It's a bottleneck situation during the weekend and there is that one lucky guy who got the leave

11. You are overloaded with work and that colleague who is on his notice period shows no co-operation

12. You are running out of time and just asked a doubt to that senior, and all he says is

Admit it, You know it all!