Welcome to the Next generation Yoga;The Beer Yoga!

What could be better for spiritual enlightenment than a good bottle of beer? Do yoga. Beer Yoga.

The idea of ​​combining beer and yoga exercises (hatha yoga, to be precise) was born in the US Burning Man festival in Nevada. It turned out somehow spontaneously: many vacationers there and hang out hippies and fans of new age just trying to do the usual exercises (because the internal discipline) without interrupting the fun reigns here (because after all the festival).

For obvious reasons, yoga beer rather quickly gained popularity in Berlin. Young (and not) people suddenly realized that the beer will help them to overcome shyness in front of a group lessons or distrust of the Eastern practices.

Yoga instructor Jula BierYoga established brand and not too lazy to develop the philosophy of this movement. According to her, a beer hedonism, together with the concentration that gives yoga can perfectly complement each other and give, if not enlightenment, or at least a great vacation after working week.

In the Berlin studio hour session costs 5 euros.

Over time, I began to develop the idea and went beyond Europe. More recently, classes are still, at least in Australia. So, on January 20 at the Sydney held the first official classes from BierYoga. Tellingly, the Australians did not bother with the attributes of the eastern and immediately appointed the first meeting place of the pub.

However, despite how far away is Berlin, Delhi, or Australia, no one bothers to independently combine Indian gymnastics and Indian pale ale, for example.