United Flight incident is Causing Huge Outrage in China

China reacts furiously after doctor was forced off a United Airlines plane

Things are getting worse.

Social media posts on violent eviction from plane have been viewed 330 million times on mainland, where many see the incident as racial discrimination

The 69-year-old man named Dr. David Dao was seen being pulled by aviation security officers from his window seat and dragged down the aisle in mobile phone footage posted on social media on Sunday night. The passenger was shown later with blood on his face.

Many commenters called for a boycott of United, accusing the airline of discriminating against the passenger because he is Chinese.

Not only Chinese, many celebrities responded to the incident criticizing United Airlines.

And Needless to say the Social media are busy sharing the new trolls and funny ads on this incident.

At the same time a United spokesman said Tuesday, four passengers were asked to vacate the flight to provide seats for crew members who were needed in Kentucky the following day, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin told USA Today. Three complied, and the fourth was forcibly removed, with security dragging him through the aisle of the plane. Guerin told USA Today the crew members were considered "must-ride" passengers.