This boy dreams of being a royal guard and sent a letter to the Queen. The answer left him stunned.


He added photos of him wearing the traditional red uniform and told him that he would be grateful to be answered.

George Mearing, a boy now 6 years old, is the number 1 admirer of the Royal Guard of England . In fact, he wrote a letter to Her Majesty The Queen where he told her how much he likes to dress as a soldier and that when he grows up hewants to be one of them.


In the envelope, he added photos of him wearing the traditional red uniform and told him he would be grateful that they would respond.

"For Your Majesty The Queen.
My name is George and I am 5 years old. I have been learning about you and your family and your soldiers.
Mom and I have been to Windsor Castle many times. I like to dress like a soldier.
I would be very happy to receive a letter from you.
With love, George.

George became interested in the royal family when he saw the march at the celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday last year when he was 5 years old.


He was stunned and utterly delighted when Mom told him that the mailbox had a letter for him , arriving directly from Buckingham Palace.


It was a big surprise for George and his family to have received an answer to their letter. In addition, several leaflets with information of the soldiers, including their maneuvers, training and change of guard were included.

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