There is a Reason Why these Images Have Been Photoshopped and You Need to Know It

These are not Usual Photos..Just Look At The Background

Daily Holocaust memorial in Berlin is visited by about 10,000 people. However, for most of them this is just another city landmark.

Few people think about what horrific events designed to resemble a monument.

Hundreds of tourists here capture stupid selfie and cyclists and skaters often perform acrobatics directly on concrete slabs of the monument! To show how this is blasphemous, Israeli artist Shahak Safira found in social networks ridiculous pictures near the memorial to the heroes and took them to the historical background.

How much sorrow in their eyes!

Does that depict the crucifixion?

I'm lying in the sun…

I am a star!

I do not want to take such even in the circus ...

That there should have been so dodge ...

We jump on the dead Jews?

I shoutout to my mother!

Yo, what we are cool!

The head of the concentration camp

The right way, comrades!

Now selfie does not seem so funny ...

Next time you take a selfie from a Historical place, You will Remember This