The "Sexual Fast": A Strange Practice That Could Help to Revive the Passion

Undoubtedly, a double-edged sword.

Sex is a natural activity in all animal species, and also in people. While we can "make love," the desire to have relationships spontaneously has to do with hormones, and is not something that can be controlled. However, there are those who think they do.

Some couples use the famous "sexual fast" to re-ignite the spark.

According to this practice, couples stop having sex for some time on a voluntary basis in order to find themselves again and accumulate desire. So, like traditional fasting with food, this also raises the "hunger".

According to sex kinesiologist and sex specialist Odette Freundlich, sexual abstinence is very generous with couples, as it allows them to reevaluate their relationship.

"The feeling of what is" forbidden ", makes you long for what is needed and value what you have around."

The psychotherapist and writer of the book "Sex Detox",Ian Kerner, says that serves to break the routine and start from scratch.

The decision to abstain for a period of time could be positive for the couple, aslong as both are willing to do so, otherwise it would be worse. What this practice points to is not to eliminate sex as such, but to find new ways to intimate and rediscover , that is, to leave the sex routine a little aside and make it something much deeper and more casual.

In tantric sex the idea is proposed that over time man can retain more semen, helping him to have better orgasms. on the other hand, The sexologist Christian Thomas has studied human relations for years and thinks that "sexual fasting" and his philosophy disguises the simple action of accumulating desire . So it is very opposite to human nature. According to him, we are hormonal beings and consequently spontaneous.

"Sexual fasting" is one of many ways to enrich partner relationships, however, the disagreement between experts leaves us thinking that maybe it does not work for everyone. Before anything else, better attend therapy or talk honestly.