Just think about it; A small, endangered UAE bird managed to save its nesting area and prevent a construction project from taking place?? Where on earth can this happen? Well, this happened in Dubai.

UAE government has always been an ideal example to the World in every aspect. Undoubtedly they are always the pioneers in development and progress. Here we have one more reason to praise their goodness and humanitarian approach to every animal on earth.

Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Mohammed and travelled to a forest area last week where they spotted a houbara bustard bird laying eggs near a project site. (With its opulent black-and-white cravat and elegant headdress, the Houbara Bustard resembles royalty in the bird world)

They immediately ordered to shift the project to another part of the area to protect the bird and its eggs. A bold act of kindness and humanity.

Lieutenant General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nayhan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, took to Instagram recently and posted footage of a houbara bustard laying eggs near a construction site.

Not just that, UAE governments greatness has one more proof : If the former happened in Dubai, this one took place in Abu Dhabi.

Recently, the Civil Defence team of Abu dhabi rescued a small kitten trapped on a busy street in the capital with a full fledged force. The team in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police blocked the road to rescued the kitten.

The video went viral within minutes and everyone were astonished by the government's gesture. A Civil Defence team in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police blocked the road and rescued the kitten.

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